Policy Handbooks

The Policies Handbook is a document which is reviewed annually and updated as necessary. It is intended as a tool for NDLA Executive Board members to know what is expected of them and propose a timeline. NDLA members are encouraged to provide input to this document by sending in comments to the current NDLA President who will forward to the current Chair of the Consitution, Bylaws and Policies Committee. The Conference Manual will also become a part of this Handbook. Enjoy!

Files will be added as completed and approved by the NDLA Executive Board.

PDF files require an Adobe Acrobat viewer.
RTF files can be opened using most word processing programs.

We also have a combined file of all policies (DOCX).

Executive Secretary Evaluation Form PDF RTF  
NDLA President PDF RTF  
NDLA President-elect PDF RTF  
NDLA Past-president PDF RTF  
NDLA Secretary PDF RTF  
NDLA Treasurer PDF RTF  
ALA Councilor PDF RTF  
MPLA Representative PDF RTF  
Academic & Special Libraries Section PDF RTF  
Archives & Records Management Roundtable PDF RTF  
Government Documents Roundtable PDF RTF  
Health Science Information Section PDF RTF  
New Members Roundtable PDF RTF  
Public Library Section PDF RTF  
School Libraries and Youth Services Section PDF RTF  
Technical Services Roundtable PDF RTF  
Archivist/Historian PDF RTF  
Constitution, Bylaws and Policies Committee PDF RTF  
Continuing Education Committee PDF RTF  
Finance Committee PDF RTF  
Good Stuff Editorial Committee PDF RTF  
Intellectual Freedom Committee PDF RTF  
Legislative Committee PDF RTF  
Membership Committee PDF RTF  
Nominations, Elections & Voting Committee PDF RTF  
Professional Development Committee PDF RTF  
Public Relations Committee PDF RTF  
Web Editor PDF RTF  
ND State Librarian PDF RTF  
NDLA Listserv Policy PDF RTF  
NDLA Reimbursement Policy PDF RTF  
NDLA Survey Software Policy PDF RTF  
NDLA Web Site Policy PDF RTF  
North Dakota Intellectual Freedom Handbook for Libraries PDF RTF  
Conference Planning Manual PDF RTF