Rod Rudser Grant

Continuing Education

Applicants need not be currently employed in a library

2018 Applications due by August 1st, 2018.

 Ron Rudser was a librarian and library science instructor at Minot State University at the time of his death in 1986. This memorial grant fund was initiated by his wife, Kaye. The Ron Rudser Memorial Continuing Education Grant may be used for credit courses, workshops, seminars or pre-conference programs that enhance the education of a practicing librarian in any type of library. Regular conference programs or conventions do not qualify.


  1. Applicants must:
    • be ND residents or employed in North Dakota
    • be current members of NDLA and must have been members for the past two years
    • submit a detailed budget of expected expenses
    • submit a narrative describing personal growth/career development expectations from the proposed program
    • submit printed materials which describe the program
  2. Applicants need not be currently employed in a library.
  3. Applicants must submit an evaluative report to NDLA upon program completion for publication in The Good Stuff.
  4. Grant money will be awarded after the evaluative report has been received by the NDLA President
  5. No applicant may receive more than one grant per 18 months.
  6. A copy of CEU certificate or letter of recognition should accompany the report, if applicable.


  1. Applicants must:
    • be currently employed in a North Dakota library
    • agree to submit an evaluative report to the NDLA Executive Board upon completion of the program for publication in The Good Stuff
    • agree to participate in the leadership of the NDLA Executive Board for one year. Participation may include, but not be limited to section chair, officer, committee chair or committee work appointed by the President of NDLA
    • present a leadership program at the NDLA conference following participation in the leadership program or institute
    • participate in the committee selection of the following year's recipient
  2. No applicant may receive more than one grant per 24 months
  3. Completed application forms must be submitted by August 1 of each year
  4. A portion of expenses (dependent upon the NDLA budget) will be reimbursed upon completion of travel
  5. A written contract between NDLA and the grant recipient will be entered into regarding completion of conditions.