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SnapShotND! One Day in the Life of ND Libraries
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Patron Visits: 8,208
Public Computer Use: 1,553
Reference Questions Answered by Staff: 526
Participation in Programs for Children: 593
Participation in Programs for Adults: 224
Total Daily Circulation: 9,027
Registered Library Card Holders: 223,946

Statistics from 18 Libraries

What would North Dakota be like if there were no libraries? What valuable services do we provide on a daily basis that simply go unrecognized and unappreciated?

In April 2010 libraries across North Dakota participated in “SnapshotND!: One Day in the Life of ND Libraries” by collecting statistics and photographs from events during a typical library day. The results illustrate the important role libraries play here in North Dakota, supporting our communities and citizens.

Please visit the SnapShotND! Flickr pool and see our ND libraries in action!

Join us in celebrating how important our libraries are!

Participating libraries, the SnapShotND! Toolkit has details about the project.

SnapshotND! Committee Members: Maren Niemeier, Beth Sorenson and Christine Kujawa

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