Census 2020 Key Roles for Librarians

Partners in E-Government

In 2020, the Census Bureau for the first time will encourage residents to complete the Census questionnaire online, starting in March 2020. Like past e-government efforts, this likely will place additional demands on library staff and technology resources to enable people to complete the Census questionnaire. (Other response methods will also be available.) Libraries can use their experience partnering with government to assist their communities in achieving a fair, accurate, and inclusive count.

Education and Community Outreach

Libraries have the opportunity to educate their communities about the Census. In the 2010 Census, more than 6,000 library locations hosted Census Bureau outreach activities. For more resources on how librarians can help, please see the Questionnaire Assistance Guide & Resources.

Public Spaces

Census Bureau field staff often utilize community rooms in libraries as affordable temporary workspaces, such as for staff hiring and training. Other community stakeholders may also use library meeting rooms to host events related to the 2020 Census.


American Library Association 2020 Census

Other Local Resources


If your library would like someone from the Census to give a presentation at your library, you may contact the ND Census Office or the Denver Regional Census Office.