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June Issue

May 26, 2022 9:07 AM | Deleted user

The Bylaws & Policies Committee wishes to thank those of you who responded to the Bylaws & Policies Committee call for policy manual revision suggestions. We have incorporated them into the April 2022 revision and have added a new section - Executive Board actions and voting. Begone confusion! There are more changes needed to make the policy manual more reflective of the terrific work NDLA Leadership does and we anticipate further revisions in the next few months.

The EDI (Equity Diversity Inclusion) Committee is considering a conference session on writing EDI Action Statements for libraries. We’d love to feature your input and experiences in that session! See below for more information: Does your library or broader organization have an EDI action or goal statement? Were you involved in the process of writing it, or are you involved in the process of assessing progress towards the goals outlined in that statement? We are looking for 3-5 panelists from across library types who are willing to share insights and strategies for crafting actionable EDI statements as part of a moderated panel sponsored by the EDI Committee.
Individual time commitment would likely be fairly minimal beyond being present at the 2022 conference in Minot. An EDI Committee member will coordinate and moderate the live session; at most, panelists would be asked to prepare a brief presentation about their library’s statement, drafting process, and assessment process.
Questions?Contact Karlene Clark and join our next meeting - June 13th at 3pm
The Finance Committee has nothing to report.
TheFlicker Tale Committee is pleased to announce the 2022 Flicker Tale Award Winners...

  • Younger Readers: Dinosaurs Are Not Extinct: Real Facts about Real Dinosaursby Drew Sheneman
  • Middle Readers: A Wish in the Darkby Christina Soontornvat
  • Older Readers: We Are Not From Hereby Jenny Torres Sanchez
2023 Nominees can be found on theNDLA website!
P.S. Did we mention that we received over 8000 votes?
TheGood Stuff Editorial Committeeis settling into this new newsletter format. Change can be good, right?! The committee is also seeking new members: Do you have maybe one or two hours to give per quarter?
The more we have on board, the lighter the workload.
Interested? Contact Shannon Yarbrough
Currently, the Intellectual Freedom Committee is updating its handbook and web presence. Future committee plans include increased outreach to library workers along with constructing a framework to monitor and report Intellectual Freedom issues in North Dakota.
We still need two more volunteers to join us and we're especially interested in recruiting from K-12 schools, tribal colleges, and community colleges. Please note, we welcome library staff as well as librarians. Our next meeting is June 1st. Contact Emily Wros if you are interested in volunteering
The Legislative Committee has no current business to report.
Not fresh news, but still pertinent...
The Membership Committee is actively seeking volunteers - specifically, an Interim Chair!! If you feel an obligation, a calling, maybe even a vague sense of guilt for not being more involved (No shame here), email Will Martin, NDLA President, for more information________________________________________________________________________
TheNew Members’ Committee is working on updating a new member document to share on the NDLA website. Stay tuned... As always, we are also working on ways to connect new people at NDLA.Next meeting is 11 am on Monday June 13. Contact Karlene Clark if you would like to join!
The Nominations, Elections, and Voting Committee is currently seeking nominees for Secretary and President-Elect.
The term for the Secretary position would start immediately after a special election and would end at the conference in 2024.
The term for the President-Elect position would start at the 2022 NDLA Conference and trasnition to President at the 2023 Conference and then Past-President at the 2024 Conference.
If you have any questions or concerns or want to volunteer for a position, please email BreAnne Meier.
The Professional Development Committee has no current business to report.
The Tech Services/Gov Docs Committee has no current business to report.
Web Editors Committee has been continuing the tweaks needed to pull the new website into line. It is still a work in progress... and yes, there may be (ahem...are) dead links. Please bear with us! Good news is that we are approximately 6 months ahead of schedule. Bad news is that corrections are currently on the shoulders of only two volunteers who have full-time jobs... just like the rest of you. It is slow-going at times. If you feel you can share your time (it is not particularly technical) please contact us or better yet, join the next meeting on June 7 at 2:30 pm


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