Constitution, Bylaws and Policies Committee


The Constitution, Bylaws and Policies (CB & P) Committee is required for the ongoing functioning of the association because of its oversight of the NDLA Constitution and Bylaws. The Committee serves as the conduit between association members and their responsibility to review these foundational documents, adhere to them and suggest changes when needed. The Committee also serves as the clearinghouse for policies to ensure that they do not conflict with the NDLA Constitution and Bylaws.

Current Officers



Kristen Borysewicz  

Chester Fritz Library, University of North Dakota (UND)



Virginia Bjorness

State Historical Soceity of North Dakota


Committee members represent a variety of libraries throughout the state. Terms are for one year and meetings are on a regular basis via video-conference. If you are interested in joining, please contact a co-chair.

Best Practices for Association Members and Officers

Know the NDLA Website!

    Log in and utilize the member area customizations and functions

About Us Section:

  • View foundational documents: Constitution and Bylaws
  • Learn the workings of the executive board: Policy Handbook and Chronology
  • Details/Contacts on: Section / Roundtable / Committee webpages


Connecting With People:

  • Attend board meetings which are open and often held with videoconference links
  • Volunteer to be nominated for officer positions or for special projects 


Communicate With Membership: 

  • Most sections / roundtables have their own discussion lists in addition to the general NDLA one - Participate!
  • Attend annual conference - Networking in person has great benefits. Plus, you can attend section / roundtable business meetings!