Technical Services/Government Documents



Do you have government or state documents in your library? Maybe you are the person who works with them? The Technical Services /Government Document Roundtable is for anyone interested in Government Documents, State Documents, and Technical Services (mostly cataloging). 

Got questions?! Our TECHSERT/GODORT listserve is an important asset and gives you a good place to ask questions about anything in the field of cataloging. Let us be your resource! Additionally, if you are looking to further your education in this area, there are opportunities sponsored by the NDLA. 

There are leadership opportunities available as well. Consider becoming co-chair of this roundtable!

And last, but not least.... One of our primary duties is picking notable state documents to be voted on at the NDLA conference. The winning submission is sent on to the ALA's committee to be voted on at the national level.  We have won national recognition in the past!



Danae Snavely and Renae Tholkes, University of North Dakota/Chester Fritz Library.

They welcome any questions or ideas you may have!