Librarian of the Year award

Deadline - May 31st


To be given an NDLA member one who has made notable contributions to the North Dakota library profession, has furthered significant development of libraries in North Dakota, or has performed exemplary statewide service for an extended period of time. In the case of retired individuals, the nominee may be a past member of NDLA.


Nomination Procedure:

 1.  Contact the NDLA President-Elect to verify that the nominee is a personal member of NDLA in good standing, or in the case of retired persons, a former member.

2. Submit a letter of nomination to the NDLA President-Elect


Stephanie Galeazzo

McKenzie County Public Library

[email protected]



3.  Letters should  detail the nominee’s contributions to the library profession and their history of service.  Supporting documentation such as articles, newspaper clippings and other material which illustrates the nominee’s work in the profession is helpful to the selection process, but not required.    


4. Ideally, the nomination is supported by more than one person. Multiple letters of support or a single nomination letter with multiple signatures shows the award committee broad support for the nomination. However, nominations with a single supporter are accepted and will be given fair consideration.  

Further Information:

  • The Librarian of the Year Award is not necessarily presented every year.
  • Nominees from previous years may be nominated again.
  • The honoree will be profiled in The Good Stuff.
  • The honoree will receive a commemorative plaque and a one-year free NDLA membership.
  • Recognition of the recipient is made during the NDLA Awards Banquet at the annual NDLA conference.


Past Recipients:

  • 2020:
    • Ellen Kotrba, ODIN, Grand Forks.
  • 2019:
    • Michael Safratowich, Grand Forks. 
  • 2018   
    • Laurie McHenry, Thormodsgard Law Library, Grand Forks
  • 2017   
    • Kelly Steckler, Morton Mandan Public Library (posthumous award)
  • 2016   
    • Wendy Wendt, Grand Forks Public Library, Grand Forks
    • Greta Guck, Leach Public Library, Wahpeton
  • 2015   
    • Paulette Nelson, Minot Public Library, Minot
  • 2014   
    • Sandra Hannahs, West Fargo Public Library, West Fargo
  • 2013   
    • Kathy Thomas, Retired, NDSU
  • 2012   
    • Christine Kujawa, Bismarck Public Library, Bismarck
  • 2011   
    • Marilyn Guttromson Johnson, Retired, Bismarck
  • 2010   
    • Doris Ott, North Dakota State Library, Bismarck
  • 2009   
    • Jan Wysocki, Minot State University-Bottineau Library, Bottineau
  • 2008   
    • Michael M. Miller, North Dakota State University Libraries, Fargo
  • 2007   
    • Marlene Anderson, Bismarck State College Library, Bismarck
  • 2006   
    • Kathy Thomas, North Dakota State University Libraries, Fargo
  • 2005   
    • Cheryl Tollefson, Dickinson Area Public Library, Dickinson
  • 2004   
    • Jerry Kaup, Minot Public Library, Minot
  • 2003   
    • Iris Swedlund, Velva School and Public Library, Velva
  • 2002   
    • Betty Gard, Chester Fritz Library, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks
  • 2001   
    • Cyndy Schaff, Williston Community Library, Williston
  • 2000   
    • Mike Jaugstetter (posthumously), ND State Librarian, Bismarck
  • 1999   
    • Thomas Jones, Bismarck Public Library, Bismarck
  • 1998   
    • Shelby Harken, Chester Fritz Library, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks
  • 1997   
    • Dennis Page, Grand Forks Public Library, Grand Forks
  • 1996   
    • Blanche Stangeland, Carrington Public Library, Carrington
  • 1995   
    • Neil Price, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks
    • Sally Oremland, North Dakota State Library, Bismarck 
  • 1994   
    • Bev Quamme, Carl Ben Eielson Elementary School Library, Fargo
  • 1993   
    • Cheryl Bailey, University of Mary Library, Bismarck
  • 1992   
    • Ruth Evert, Edgeley Public Library, Edgeley