Mentee Requirements


  • Participate in professional development on a monthly basis
  • Gain leadership and communication skills
  • Hone your career and professional goals.



  • Be an NDLA member.
  • Work in a library setting.
  • May be a student.
  • May hold a MLS degree (or equivalent).
  • Commit 1 year to the program.
  • Be open to viewpoints.
  • Be a good listener.


How to Begin

  • Complete an application (attach a resume)
  • Respond to initial contact made by mentor
  • Introduce yourself and career goals
  • Stay in contact with your mentor at least one time per month and discuss any professional issues you feel neccessary.
  • Provide feedback about the mentorship program to NDLA at the end of the year. 



  • Set goals and expectations for one another.  Be clear about your career goals early in the relationship.
  • Contact may be made in person, by phone, email, or web-conferencing (Skype, Google Hangout, etc..).
  • Know that all conversations will be kept private between you and your mentor.
  • Contact Jess Leras ([email protected]) if you have any problems.
  • Complete a survey to provide feedback on the program.