Mentor Requirements

Your Role

  • Role Model: be a example of professional excellence
  • Encourager: give positive feedback and professional support
  • Counselor: be open for discussion on career issues
  • Colleague: help mentee feel their value within the profession



  • Be an NDLA member
  • Worked in a professional library position(s) for a minimum of 5 years
  • Hold an MLIS degree (or equivalent – school library teaching credential, MSIS, MLS, etc.)
  • Commit 1 year to the program
  • Be open to all viewpoints and career goals
  • Be a good listener
  • Desire to support and guide those that are new to the librarian profession


How to begin

  • Complete an application (attach your resume)
  • Initiate contact with mentee
  • Contact your mentee a minimum of one time per month
  • Provide feedback and suggestions based on professional development goals that your mentee shares with you



  • Make the initial contact with the mentee
  • Focus on your mentees strengths, goals, and struggles in his/her profession
  • Ask questions and provide support based on the information shared with you
  • Don’t be critical or negative – everyone has different experiences and priorities
  • Work with the mentees to set career goals and objectives
  • Contact may be made in-person, by phone, email, or web-conferencing (Skype, Google Hangout, etc.)
  • Keep all conversations between you and your mentee confidential as appropriate
  • Contact Jesse Leraas ([email protected]) if you encounter any problems
  • Complete a feedback form in order to provide information on the program