Proposed Bylaws Change Jan 2021

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Change to Secretary’s term
Section 1.
A. The President-Elect is elected to serve a one-year term, and follows successively into the President and Past-President positions, for a one-year term in each of the positions. The Treasurer and Secretary positions are elected for three-year terms. All o Officers are elected for a one-year term, with the exception of the Treasurer, and assume their duties at the close of the annual membership meeting following their election. Incoming and outgoing Executive Board members will meet together immediately after the close of the annual membership meeting and the new officers will assume their duties. They serve until the close of the next annual membership meeting.
B. The Treasurer serves a three-calendar year term. The incoming Treasurer will serve an orientation period with the presiding Treasurer following the annual membership meeting until the term begins.
Rationale: The Executive Board recommends that the Secretary position be a 3-year term to increase stability and continuity in this position. If the above Bylaws change is approved, the Secretary position would be a 3-year term.