Proposed Changes to NDLA Constitution Jan 2021

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Proposed change to the NDLA Constitution


The officers, chairs of the sections and roundtables, and representatives to other affiliated associations are voting members of the Executive Board. All standing committee chairs, the editor of the official NDLA publication,Chairs of committees that are required for the ongoing functioning of the Association (as specified in the Bylaws), and the State Librarian, and other appointed representatives are ex-officio members without vote.

Rationale: The current board restructuring proposal outlines the removal of committees that are not required for the ongoing functioning of NDLAin order to simplify the board structure by reducing the number of Executive Board members, create consistency in the association, and maximize the effectiveness and ability to get things done in a timely manner. Chairs of committees that are specified in the Bylaws as required for the ongoing functioning of the Association (Article VI, Section 2. Standing Committees) are the Constitution, Bylaws, and Policies Committee, the Finance Committee, the Membership Committee, and the Nominations, Elections, and Voting Committee.

The chairs of committees required for the ongoing function of the Association will be kept on the Executive Board in order to maintain visibility. In recent years, the requirement of submitting a quarterly report was reduced to an annual report, and the requirement of committee chairs attending Executive Board meetings was reduced to only those that are involved in agenda items during the meeting (although all are welcome to attend). In order to help avoid unnoticed vacancies in the CB&P, Finance, Membership, and NEW committees, the board restructuring proposal outlines that these four committees remain on the Executive Boardfor increased visibility.)

If the above constitutional change is approved, the Executive Board would be comprised of the elected officers, chairs of the sections and roundtables, representatives to other affiliated associations, chairs of committees required for the ongoing functioning of the Association, and the State Librarian.


Please note: This is a proposed change to the NDLA Constitution; it requires a two-thirds majority of those voting in order to take effect.