Join the UNCONFERENCE TODAY (2/13/2019) at 1:00 PM CT!


Information For Participants

We are all familiar with viewing live webinars and interacting through video conferencing and chat windows. However,  the system that will be used for the Unconference, Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, offers some additional opportunities for interacting with presenters and other participants in the sessions. The following resources will allow you to familiarize yourself with some of these features and practice using them.

Good to Know Before the Conference

  • Blackboard Collaborate Ultra requires either the Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser  to access sessions.  If one of these browsers causes issues, please try using the other one to see if that helps (e.g., if you are having problems while using Mozilla Firefox, try using Google Chrome). 

  • We recommend attending the Unconference from an individual computer, as you will have multiple opportunities to participate individually. A webcam is not necessary, however a headset or microphone is  highly recommended to allow full participation. (Webcams will be primarily used for speakers.)

  • If you are unable to listen to the audio from your computer or mobile device, you have the option of calling in via a phone number. (See Blackboard's site for instructions or the instruction video below.)  Please note that the PIN given to you is unique to you for your current login session and the information will change each time you attend a Collaborate Ultra session.

Practice Session

Play away!  Try out this open session set up specifically for participants.

You may also want to watch this video for some practical tips on using the functionalities of Blackboard Collaborate Ultra.