Founded in 1906, NDLA's purpose is to exercise professional leadership and to promote library services and librarianship. Any person or organization interested in supporting the purpose of the Association may become a member. Our membership is diverse and includes librarians, library employees, trustees, and friends affiliated with all types and sizes of libraries. Where people are few and distances are great, every person and every library is a valuable resource. We're confident you'll find that membership in NDLA is rewarding, fun, and a great way to get to know people from libraries all across the state of North Dakota.


NDLA provides:

  • Leadership for statewide planning
  • Promotion of resource‐sharing efforts
  • Continuing education opportunities and development grants for coursework, institutes, and workshops
  • Coordination of intellectual freedom support
  • Helpful information through its website, electronic discussion lists, and online quarterly newsletter The Good Stuff;
  • Representation of North Dakota libraries on the Mountain Plains Library Association board and at the American Library Association
  • Coordination of unified legislative efforts
  • Opportunities to establish contacts with other librarians
  • Opportunities for members to contribute to their profession
  • Recognition of outstanding contributions to local and state library services
  • Forums for interaction among library community members and national leaders


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About Us

The North Dakota Library Association (NDLA) is a professional association for librarians, library staff, and library supporters that represent school, public, academic, and special libraries located in North Dakota, United States. The purpose of this organization is to exercise professional leadership and to promote library services and librarianship. 
NDLA was formed on January 18, 1906. Our first president was Frank L. Thompson and the first library conference was held at the Fargo Public Library, 1906. The association had humble beginnings – at the 1909 conference, there was only 18 members. Now, there are currently over 300 NDLA members (including academic, health, public, and school libraries). 
Our organization has gone through many changes over the years, yet we continue to move forward promoting 21st century librarianship, library services, and professional leadership.