Budget Request

  Academic & Special Libraries Section
  ALA Councilor
  Archives/Records Management Roundtable
  Constitution and Policy Committee
  Continuing Education Committee
  Executive Board
  Finance Committee
  Good Stuff
  Health Sciences Information Section
  Intellectual Freedom Committee
  Legislative Committee
  Membership Committee
  MPLA Representative
  New Members Roundtable
  Nominations, Elections, & Voting Committee
  President Elect- ALA Attendance
  Professional Development
  Public Libraries Section
  Public Relations Committee
  School Library and Youth Services Section
  Technical Services/Government Documents Roundtable
  Website Committee

If not already covered by your institution, requests may include travel expenses to support the following activities as defined in the NDLA reimbursement policy: Executive Board meetings, Board approved travel (e.g. registration fees), Non-conference section / roundtable business meetings (Board member only), planning of section / roundtable meetings, conference planning, and interviews. Costs associated with section meetings not held during conference as well as those for NDLA related photocopy, mailing, and supplies may also be requested. Please review the NDLA Reimbursement Policy for details prior to making your request. Thank you.