HSIS: Professional Development Grant

Photo by Arria Belli

HSIS Professional Development Grants have been made possible through the efforts of the HSIS Section as host of the Medical Library Association - Midwest Chapter 2014 annual conference. Proceeds from the conference are being used to award up to two grants per year to HSIS members to attend the regional Midwest Chapter meetings. Grants up to $900 will awarded with grant amounts not to exceed actual expenses. The HSIS Executive Board administers the grant application process. The deadline for applications will be announced each year by email.


Application Requirements


Applicants must:

  • be a current member of NDLA-HSIS and must have been a member the preceding year.

  • submit a detailed budget of expected expenses.

  • submit a short narrative describing personal growth/career development expectations from the proposed program.

  • submit printed materials which describe the program.

  • Members may receive more than one grant although grants will be awarded with preference being given to those who have not previously received the award.

  • Completed application forms must be submitted eight weeks prior to the Midwest Chapter meeting each year.

  • Applicants must submit a report of the conference experience for presentation at the spring HSIS meeting.

  • Grant money will be awarded after completion of the conference and the report has been received by the HSIS Chair.



Complete the grant application  here.