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Intellectual Freedom Resources

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NDLA Statement on Intellectual Freedom

The North Dakota Library Association is concerned with the needs and rights of all citizens of North Dakota to have free access to library collections of sufficient scope and quality to provide the means for fruitful inquiry. It is the position of the North Dakota State Library Association to affirm and actively protect the freedoms of speech and press as guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States of America and to support the policy statements pertaining to intellectual freedom heralded by the American Library Association. It is understood that libraries provide interested students and citizens with records of the past, desired information on all subjects and relevant points of view relating to contemporary and controversial issues. 

It is the responsibility of librarians to accept as their broadest obligation the encouragement of free inquiry to vast and divergent information in order to preserve the perpetuation of the democratic process. This responsibility is accompanied by a commitment to defend the democratic process against any attempts on the part of any persons or groups to obstruct free access to any other citizen of North Dakota.

Adopted by NDLA August 1985; Reaffirmed April 2008, August 2009, and October 2022

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