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Flicker Tale Award

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What is Flicker Tale? 

Flicker Tale is a statewide library participation program encouraging readers and librarians to provide their input on a favorite read. At the end of the program, the book/author with the highest score is granted a North Dakota Library Association recognition award... the Flicker Tale!

How does it work?

The Flicker Tale Committee has chosen books in three categories. You and/or your library's readers will not be restricted to any category based on age or grade level. Rather, we hope the categories will encourage children to read books of their choice at a particular interest or ability level. We encourage all of the young people (and the not-so-young people) to read the books and vote in any category they choose.

Please note: Participants do not have to vote on every category.

Each participating school and library is responsible for tallying votes and submitting totals to the Flicker Tale Chair by the program deadline. All ballots are due April 30th.

Please feel free to submit any book suggestions at any time using the Flicker Tale Nomination Form.

How to Vote!

Library participants should:

  1. Choose a category
  2. Read each of the nominated books
  3. Vote for their favorite read

Libraries/Librarians should:

  1. Create a method of voting that works for your students/library
  2. Tally the votes for each book
  3.  By April 30th, 2023, send your library's totals to Amber Emery   

(Or mail to: Amber Emery, Fargo Public Library, 102 3rd Street North, Fargo, ND 58102)


Thank you for your participation!

2023 Nominees

Younger Readers

The Camping Trip written and illustrated by Jennifer K. Mann

Eyes that Kiss in the Corners by Joanna Ho, illus. by Dung Ho

Red Shoes by Karen English, illus. by Ebony Glenn

Milo Imagines the World by Matt de la Peña, illus. by Christian Robinson

Middle Readers

Powwow: a Celebration through Song and Dance by Karen Pheasant-Neganigwane

Anya and the Nightingale by Sofiya Pasternack

Starfish by Lisa Fipps

Escape at 10,000 Feet: D.B. Cooper and the Missing Money written and illustrated by Tom Sullivan

Older Readers

Last Night at the Telegraph Club by Malinda Lo

Ain’t Burned All the Bright by Jason Reynolds and Jason Griffin

The Turning Pointe by Vanessa L. Torres

American Shoes: a Refugee’s Story by Rosemarie Lengsfeld Turke and Garrett L. Turke

Who will be the next...

2022 Flicker Tale Winners

With over 8000 votes, the 2022 winners are...

Young Readers

Dinosaurs are Not Extinct: Real Facts about Real Dinosaurs by Drew Sheneman

Middle Readers

A Wish in the Dark by Christina Soontornvat

Older Readers

We Are Not From Here by Jenny Torres Sanchez

Thank you to all of the librarians and teachers who participated in this year's voting!

It's exciting to think that so many kids across the state have read and interacted with all of the nominated titles. 

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