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Executive Board Meetings

Meetings of the Executive Board will be held at least three times a year. These are generally held in October (at the annual conference), December and May/June - Constitution Article V Section 4. However, the President will create and distribute the meeting schedule and location.  Except for the pre-conference board meeting, these meetings may be held via web conference.

Primary Annual

Association Activities


  • Annual Conference* and budgeting
  • Pre-Conference Board Meeting
  • General Membership Meeting
  • Post-Conference Board Meeting – incoming and outgoing officers attend
        • Includes exchange of files & orientation for incoming chairs & officers
        • All officers & chairs read the NDLA Constitution, Bylaws, & Policy Manual
  • Sections & Roundtables annual business meetings (conference)
  • Finance Committee solicits & reviews budget requests
  • Officers & Chairs submit budget as solicited from the Finance Committee
  • Good Stuff submission deadline is in October for the December issue 


  • Executive Board approves budget for the upcoming fiscal year
  • Legislative Committee plans for legislative years (odd numbered years)
  • Members prepare to support the Legislative Committee with letters & testimony
  • Submit Notable Documents winners to the ALA Notable Documents Panel Chair


  • Fiscal Year starts
  • President-elect solicits nominations for Librarian of the Year & Major Benefactor
  • Nominations, Elections & Voting Committee solicits nominations for candidates
  • Notify ALA Chapter Relations of future conference dates
  • Good Stuff submission deadline is January for the March issue
  • Members respond to Legislative Committee requests
  • Sections and Roundtables solicit programming ideas for Annual Conference     
  • ALA MidWinter Meeting (ALA LibLearnX Convention)


  • Begin promoting the annual conference
  • Health Science Information Services (HSIS) holds Spring Meeting
  • Flicker Tale Ballots are due April 1
  • Good Stuff submission deadline is April for the June issue



  • Ballots are distributed for candidate officers & chairs
  • Board validates election returns
  • Candidates are notified of election results no later than August 31
  • Conference early registration deadline September 1
  • Membership Committee solicits applications for NDLA Conference Scholarship.
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