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Checklist for community understanding

How can we develop a method for analyzing the population of our community? How can we find the information we need as librarians and trustees that will allow us to form adequate selection policies? There are many ways to develop and carry through a community study, but all ways should be based on a statement of goals: 

1. What are we hoping to accomplish?

2. How can we evaluate the results? 

3. How can we use the results in the most effective manner? 

Ask yourself the following questions to see if you really know your community: 

1. What percentage of your community do you serve, or not serve? 

2. Are you aware of other services available in your community for purposes of referral?

3. Do you provide equal access to people who cannot use regular library facilities or materials?

4. How visible are the services offered by your library?

5. Is your collection tailored to the needs of your community?

6. Are you continuously planning for the needs of a changing community?

7. How well do you know the people in your community?

        • Ages
        • Religions
        • Educational backgrounds
        • Politics
        • Economic backgrounds
        • Languages spoken
        • Occupations
        • Recreational interests
        • Minority groups
        • Ethnic interests 

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