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This is a living document, intended to be updated regularly, that provides openly available resources for developing understanding and empathy and serves as a starting point for learning and discussion about equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Call For Resources

The NDLA EDI Committee welcomes member suggestions for additions to this list! As a relatively new committee, we recognize the sensation of not knowing where to start. It is our hope that this list of resources can be a starting point in our collective journey toward equitable, diverse, and inclusive libraries. If you have personal or institutional lists of resources, or can recommend individual resources, please send them to the EDI Committee members listed below. Any NDLA member is welcome to submit resources for inclusion in this list. Resources will be posted on the committee’s section of the NDLA website.

Some guidelines:

     Resources can be in any format--books, videos, websites, podcasts, webinars, etc.--but should be freely available or easily obtainable through library collections.

     We will consider resources related to any aspect of EDI work and any visible or invisible expression of identity.

     Resources do not have to be library-focused.


Send resources to:

     Amanda Walch,

     Jessica Gilbert Redman,

     Karlene Clark,

General resources/compilations

     Anti-racism Resources for All Ages:

     Disrupting Whiteness in Libraries and Librarianship: A Reading List

     Racial Equity Tools resources list:


Resource Lists from ND Libraries

     State Library Niche Academy - Inclusion, Diversity, Equality & Accessibility videos:

     NDSU Anti-Racist Teaching and Learning Resources:


Resources/Toolkits from other Libraries and Library Associations

     Oregon Library Association EDI Antiracism Toolkit:

     Oregon Library Association EDI Antiracism Committee Training Resources:

     Simmons University Library Anti-Oppression Guide:

     American Library Association’s EDI website:

     ACRL’s Racial Justice and Higher Education LibGuide:

     University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill University Libraries’ 21-Day Racial Equity Challenge (21 days of readings, reflection, and activities):


Land Acknowledgment Resources (interactive map)








Videos/Webinars/Conference Sessions

     Twanna Hodge at NASIG, “The Future of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Librarianship”:



White Privilege

     “White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack”:




     Origin (article by Kimberlé Crenshaw in a legal journal, 1989):

     What is Intersectionality? (by the originator, Kimberlé Crenshaw):



Inclusive Language

     Conscious Style Guide:

     Identity First language

     Pronouns / Gender Identity Terms

     For another perspective on pronouns, see also:

     Citing Indigenous Elders:



Children’s Literature

     Diversify Our Narrative: (lesson plans, reading lists, guides, templates, etc.; also on Instagram)

     American Indians in Children’s Literature (Debbie Reese):

     Diverse Bookfinder:

     Melanin Library: (not just children’s/YA)

     Ten Tips for Selecting Multicultural Books for Reading Instruction:



Resources for Educators

     “Let’s Talk: Facilitating Critical Conversations with Students” from Learning for Justice (formerly Teaching Tolerance):



Bystander Intervention

     5 D’s of Bystander Intervention (from Right to Be, formerly Hollaback):



Organizational Culture

     Awake to Woke to Work



Ableism & Invisible Disability

     Invisible Illness — What You Can’t See Does Hurt Her

     Supporting people with invisible illness:

     Spoon Theory Origin (archived): (includes a link to a PDF of the original article)

     Spoon Theory:


     Ableism TED Talk:




     TED Talk:

     Microaggressions in Librarianship (anonymous space to share microaggressions):



EDI-Related Library Blogs/Podcasts




Hiring Practices

     Bias in hiring:

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