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The Legislative Committee arranges to represent NDLA before legislative interim and standing committees considering issues pertinent to libraries:

Tracks, develops, supports, and communicates library-related legislation to the organization as needed 

Works with the State Library on legislative matters

Works with a legislative consulting firm during years when the North Dakota Library Association contracts with one

Coordinates legislative priorities from NDLA sections & committees

Coordinates the nomination and selection of individuals who meet the Library Champion Award criteria 

Tressa Graves

Energy and Environment Research Center, UND


Committee Members:

Janet Anderson

Danielle Masursky

Lisa Webb

Sara Westall

Jonathan Voigt

Committee Officers

The Committee Chair is appointed by the NDLA President and may serve concurrent terms of office

The President-Elect is a member of the Legislative committee during a legislative year

Meetings are held on an as-needed basis



We need committee members!

The next legislative biennium begins in January of 2023. We need to start gearing up to monitor bills and offer testimony on issues related to libraries in North Dakota.

If you think you might be interested in helping NDLA participate in the state legislative process...

 Contact us! 

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