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Intellectual Freedom Resources
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Checklist for Promoting Intellectual Freedom and Preparing for Challenges

1. Do you have a written materials selection policy that has been formally adapted by your governing body?

2. If you have a materials selection policy, is it revised and updated annually? *Note: We suggest that this annual review be done within 6 months of the selection of new board members. 

3. Does your governing body have a formally approved procedure for handling challenges of materials?

4. Are you familiar with the principles of collection development? (See the guidelines for creating a Materials Selection Policy.)  

5. Do you have open communication lines with civic, religious, educational and political bodies in your community?

6. Are you aware of groups in your community who are likely to initiate complaints about library materials? 

7. Are you aware of groups in your community who are advocates of intellectual freedom and who might have resources they would enlist in your support?

8. Are you aware of state and national organizations who are advocates of intellectual freedom? (See Additional Resources.)

9. Is everyone in your system–including librarians, board members, administrators, teachers and secretaries–aware of the contents of your materials selection policy?

10. If you are in a school system, have you prepared written rationale for using specific classroom materials, especially in regard to those that students are required to use in order to meet educational objectives?

11. Do you report challenges to intellectual freedom or confidentiality of records to the NDLA Intellectual Freedom Committee? 

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