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March 2022 Issue

March 08, 2022 12:49 PM | Anonymous member

New Programming Ideas From the DPL

By Paul Amberg, Outreach Librarian, Dickinson Area Public Library

To better serve our adult and late teen patrons, the DPL is trying some new programming starting in March. The first of which, Crime Club, has already started and was received well. Crime Club is promoted with the hook, “WANTED! True crime junkies who think they could help solve a crime or would just like to talk about them with like-minded people. Each month will center on a specific crime or criminal. Read up on or research the topic and come for the discussion.” The idea is to put your fascination with true crime to work. Who knows what someone might think of. Examples: March is the Zodiac and April the Black Dahlia.

Another new program for adults and teens is Based on the Book. With Based on the Book, participants will discuss both the book and the movie or TV adaptation of the book. Some clips of the adaptation will be shown to help the discussion along. Participants do not have to have read or seen either but reading or seeing one of the versions will probably help. A popcorn bar will be set up as well. The idea is that people may not come to a book club because they have only seen the film or skip a showing of a film because they prefer the book as it is. This gives a chance for people to not have to have done one or the other but still get to talk about the work.

Finally, the DPL is taking a program not just out of the library but to another small local community. The DPL has been successful with our Books & Brew program, which is hosted at the De Porres House of Barbing, Lounge & Coffeehouse. This event has been successful enough that we have added another morning version at the same location for the coffee crowd. Now we will be hosting a chapter of Books & Brew at the Cup and Cake coffee shop in Belfield, ND. Each month Books & Brew participants will discuss a book while enjoying a coffee, or tea. We will meet one Saturday a month at Cup and Cake and copies of the book will be available to checkout at Cup and Cake. Even if participants have not read the book, you are still invited. If this chapter goes well, we will look at hosting events in other small local communities in the area. 


Women’s History Month Panel / Grand Forks Public Library Five local women leaders will share what they’re passionate about and involved with in our community. This event will take place Saturday March 19, 2-3 p.m.


Red River Valley Kids Read Project Happening in April

by Melisa Duncan, Fargo Public Library

This spring, in partnership with several other regional libraries along the Red River – both on the North Dakota side and the Minnesota side – the Fargo Public Library is offering an inaugural project of a new literature-based program for kids that includes author visits at all participating libraries, along with book giveaways. Five libraries are partnering together for the first time on a project to tie our communities together, up, and down the Red River Valley, through storytelling and quality literature for children. North Dakota partner libraries include the Fargo Public, Grand Forks Public, Leach (Wahpeton) Public, and West Fargo Public. The Moorhead Public Library in Minnesota is our fifth partner. The project is titled Red River Valley Kids Read, and we hope to build a sense of place and belonging in our diverse communities by remembering a disastrous event that brought neighbors, friends, families, and strangers together 25 years ago. 

The historic Red River Valley Flood took place in 1997 and deeply affected the towns in which all our partner libraries reside. Throughout the ordeal, acts of selflessness, generosity, bravery, determination, and kindness helped keep people from giving up the flood fight that ultimately destroyed so much. It brought out the good in people in so many ways, as the hard work solidified a purpose and brought communities together in a mission to save as much as possible. In these days of division, our project will remind people what can be accomplished when we all work together.

The Red River Valley Kids Read project will focus on author Elizabeth Raum’s new middle grade novel Storm Warning, a novel which takes place in Ada, MN during the 1997 flood. It’s the story of a 12-year-old boy who is left at home with his little sister when disaster hits. He must summon his wits and courage to save not only her, but their great-grandmother as well. This story is beautifully written and includes many references to area institutions, organizations, and media personalities. Raum lived in Fargo during the time of the 1997 flood. All library partners are promoting the reading of this book and have planned several events related to the story and to the remembrance of the 1997 Red River flood. In addition, each library is also hosting in-person author visits with Elizabeth Raum. Related events such as book discussions, photo exhibits, panel discussions, and activity/online reading challenges are planned as part of the event series.

The communities of Fargo, Grand Forks, Wahpeton and West Fargo, ND, and the community of Moorhead, MN are all beneficiaries of this project. This activity is primarily directed toward child participants in these communities, but teens and adults will also be served by viewing or participating in some of the scheduled all ages activities related to the book.

This project is supported in part by a grant from the North Dakota Council on the Arts, which receives funding from the state legislature and the National Endowment for the Arts.

The Red River Valley Kids Read project highlights the cooperative nature of our regional public libraries, and truly creates a movement to foster community through reading. 

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