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Reimbursement Policy & Rates

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The NDLA Treasurer will reimburse NDLA members for qualified expenses made on behalf of NDLA.

Expenses fall into three categories...

1) Products and services that support the goals of the association (e.g., paper, phone calls, photocopying, postage, etc.)

2) Fees associated with meeting and continuing education opportunities supported by NDLA

3) Travel for purposes authorized by the Association. The NDLA Treasurer may question a request for payment at any time and is encouraged to consult with the Finance Committee to obtain approval or rejection before making payment for a questionable expense.

Personal Reimbursement

Requests for personal reimbursement must be made using the “Request for Personal Reimbursement” form found on the NDLA website. Receipts must accompany requests as indicated on the form. The form is available on our forms page.

Third Party Payments

Payments made to individuals and businesses that have provided products or services to NDLA require the submission of a “Request for Third Party (Vendor) Payment” form. The form is available on the NDLA website in both PDF and HTML file format. Forms submitted using PDF must be signed by the NDLA member responsible for authorizing the expenditure and should be accompanied by an invoice or statement. Forms submitted using HTML must be sent from the e-mail account of the NDLA member authorizing the payment. The HTML form may be used when the vendor is expected to send an invoice or statement directly to the Treasurer or when they are sent under separate cover as part of the request. Forms for third party reimbursement are available on our forms page.

Conference Expenses

NDLA will cover conference registration, hotel room (up to 3 nights), and mileage costs for the Past-President, President, and President-Elect if not covered by their employer. Reimbursements and payments requested for expenses associated with the annual conference should be made using forms specific to the conference. These forms are posted each year on the NDLA website and require the approval of the Conference Chair.

Travel Reimbursements

The following chart summarizes reimbursements available by member and expense category for travel. If an expense arises that is not covered by the chart, a determination regarding reimbursement will be made by the Treasurer, Finance Committee Chair, Finance Committee, and/or the Executive Board. Abbreviations used are defined at the bottom of the chart and special considerations are noted following it.

Board Meetings

The reimbursement for travel to Executive Board meetings is as follows: 

• NDLA will cover hotel costs when a board member must travel the night before a meeting or stay the night after. 

• NDLA will cover mileage for nonconference board meetings. Mileage will not be reimbursed for travel for the pre and post conference board meetings.

Reimbursement Rates

Lodging costs will be reimbursed at the federal GSA per diem rate for North Dakota. Mileage will be reimbursed at the North Dakota state employee rate. NDLA appreciates when institutions cover any or all of these expenses for their employees. NDLA recommends that board members request travel reimbursement from their institution prior to requesting reimbursement from NDLA.

The Finance Committee recommends that board members who plan on requesting reimbursement of travel expenses for attending NDLA board meetings share travel expenses whenever possible. Sharing expenses will be up to each individual board member but is strongly encouraged by the Association. This includes both transportation (i.e. carpooling) and lodging (when necessary). When requesting reimbursement for shared expenses, indicate all parties incurring cost so that each section or committee’s budget can be assessed a share of the cost. By reflecting expenses accurately by budget category, incoming section, roundtable and committee chairs as well as the NDLA Finance Committee will be able to plan future budgets with greater accuracy.

Section Non-Conference Business Meetings and Planning

Lodging, meals, and mileage are reimbursed for attending a non-conference section or roundtable business meeting only to the board member organizing the meeting. Generally this will be the Chair. Expenses for other travel necessary for section or roundtable planning are reimbursable to all participants but must be approved by the Finance Committee as part of the annual budgeting process. Requests should include the purpose of travel, number of persons traveling, and anticipated costs broken down by mileage, meals, lodging, etc. If the need for travel arises after the annual budget has been approved, a request including the same information should be submitted to the Finance Chair prior to when travel is made.

Revision Dates:
Adopted by the Executive Board March 14, 2008.  
Revised December 12, 2012. 
Revised April 29, 2014.
Revised December 10, 2019.

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